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Every part of our company’s DNA is structured in favor of a perfectly modern accounting service for small and medium-sized businesses. Our clients’ activities include software development, drones, consulting services, PR services, marketing agencies, international transportation, dropshipping on American and European market, Ebay and Amazon trading, 4D visual effects, party / business trainings, hairdressing services, public laundry, import amd export from EU, software services, rent a bike, online shops with clients in EU and outside EU, landscaping, fast food, outsourcing, sports activities application programming, intermediary services, customs agent, financial consultancy / analysis, groceries store, billiard club, bars, ambulatory, veterinary office, engineering design, architectural bureau, others. 

Customers also benefit from our expertise in the following areas:

  • Tax consulting

  • Business consulting

  • Financial and Business Analysis

  • Financial Statement Preparation

  • Company Registration in Bulgaria

  • Opening a functional bank account

  • Registration under the VAT act

  • EORI registration

  • Payroll services

  • Data entry

  • Invoice processing services

  • Online office assistants

Our focus is high quality accounting services for 5 customer groups:

  • Service providers

  • Trading companies

  • VAT companies performing services

  • VAT companies engaged in trade

  • Non-Bulgarian companies and business units requiring customized services

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Accounting outsourcing services

Anagami is fast growing company specialized in accounting and tax consulting services. We started in 2017 from 0 and by the end of 2019 we have team of 35 accountants and we service over 350 companies based in Bulgaria, including owned by non bulgarian residents. From 2019 we offer outsourced accounting and tax advisory services to the EU market. We continue to grow as an outsourcing business service provider.

We offer various kinds of services including basic accounting outsourcing and administrative processes. The service is customized according to the needs of your business. We use our experience and expertise to offer high quality service.

Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll

We will keep track of your accounting and payroll records, employee compensations and salaries and record any transaction properly and conscientiously.

Data Entry

All data to input – to verify, edit or record – you can leave it to us. This way you will be able to focus on more specific tasks regarding your company.

Accounting professionals per hour

We can provide you with hourly accounting services. They can vary according to your business specifics and we pay special attention to your needs.

Dedicated accounting professionals

We can provide the required number of employees for your team – from one employee to several employees or a whole team of accountants.

Tax management

If you have a company with branches in different countries, we can manage your taxes in those countries or you can start your expansion form just one country and entrust us to manage your tax optimizaiton.

Accounting management

When you operate in different countries, we can organize the accounting process including teams, departments, documents and clients in all countries for you.

VAT management

We are able to be responsible for all entities in different countries to manage the VAT process.

VAT registration

We offer VAT registration in any country, in accordance with its laws, requirements and deadlines.

For more detailed offer use our contact form to get in touch with us.

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In general, we offer:

  • Invoice processing

  • Data entry

  • Invoicing

  • Double entry accounting process

  • Inventory data management

  • Data verification

  • Accounts payable

  • Accounts receivable

  • Filling out documentation, software, cloud applications

  • Other administrative tasks

We use different software products including:

  • Xero

  • Wave

  • Sage

  • Zoho

  • Quickbooks

  • Freshbooks

Our focus is quality accounting services, in which we create value.

About Anagami

We are an accounting company that invests heavily in technology and workflow optimization.

Thus we achieve low prices with perfect quality for the customer. We work with over 400 Bulgarian and international businesses every month. Our team consists of 45 highly qualified accountants in Sofia, Burgas, Varna, Plovdiv and Pleven. We outsource accounting services to businesses not based in Bulgaria and perform processes entirely on behalf of the client. We always strive to give more.

We work entirely online. We are here to be useful!

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We’re working in the cloud

Your account is available from anywhere, from any device.

Convenient communication

We are in Slack, Trello, Skype, Viber, Email – anywhere you are.


The cyber security of our and your business is a priority.

The little detail

With attention to every little detail.


We are always available.

Synergy with business

Adequate accounting for business purposes.

Accounting Team

Angelina Borisova
Angelina BorisovaChief accountant and Managing partner
Ivan Doshev
Ivan DoshevBusiness Development Manager
Valentina Angelova
Valentina AngelovaAccounting Services Manager
Galina Stoeva
Galina StoevaInternal Control and Training Manager
Maria Mandalcheva
Maria MandalchevaOnline Services Manager
Denica Koleva
Denica KolevaForeign Client Manager
Veneta Stefanova
Veneta StefanovaPayroll services Manager
Albena Dosheva
Albena DoshevaCustomer Service Manager
Mima Georgieva
Mima GeorgievaCustomer Service Manager
Zorka Kraleva
Zorka KralevaAccountant
Tatyana Kardasheva
Tatyana KardashevaAccountant
Radostina Draganova
Radostina DraganovaAccountant
Margarita Ivanova
Margarita IvanovaAccountant
Bozhena Borisova
Bozhena BorisovaAccountant
Hristina Stoyanova
Hristina StoyanovaAccountant

Accounting Packages

from 750 EUR

  • All services from Basic Package

  • Account manager

  • Information and analysis for company managers

  • Assistance with tax inspections and audits

  • Accounting and financial consulting for signing contracts with third parties

  • Planning and optimization of tax and social security expenses

  • Consultations in signing of employment contracts

  • 10% Discount on additional accounting services


from 450 EUR

  • All services from the Start Package

  • Accounting for revenue and expense invoices – up to 50 documents

  • Bank statements – accounts in BGN and EUR

  • Passive online banking

  • Invoicing

  • Preparation of monthly VAT returns

  • Preparation of reports on the needs of the NRA, NSSI, NSI and banks

  • Tax consultancy

  • Phone consultations after an appointment – up to 1 hour per month


from 250 EUR

  • Initial consultation

  • Accounting for revenue and expense invoices – up to 25 documents

  • Bank statements – account in BGN

  • Payroll processing – up to 3 people

  • Filing out tax and insurance information

  • Respond to email inquiries within 24 hours, on business days


* These prices are valid for companies of foreigners in Bulgaria, where the services, tax obligations and support differ from those of the local residents.

Let’s work together

Contact us and we will immediately propose an accounting decision.

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    Who keeps accounting?

    All enterprises (companies, non-profit organizations) are in charge of accounting in Bulgaria. After the end of the financial year (in Bulgaria it coincides with the calendar), a financial statement is produced, a tax declaration is submitted and the tax must be paid by the end of March.

    Can I have an activity and not keep an account?

    No. All enterprises are required to have a bookkeeping and all Financial statements must be signed from a dedicated accountant.

    Can I have an activity and not pay social insurance to the government?

    No. Once the company receives and issues documents, then there is an activity and there should be an acting manager. This manager must be insured under the Social Security Code.

    Who is responsible for keeping company accounts?

    The management bodies of the enterprises. Of course, the manager should use the services of an accountant.

    Who draws up the financial statements at the end of the year?

    Person entitled to compile financial statements under the Accountancy Act – dedicated Accountant.

    Can I prepare my financial statements myself?

    No, unless I am a person with a higher accounting and economic education and experience in the field of accounting, external audit, internal audit and financial inspection, tax audits, lecturer.

    Why Accounting and Tax consulting Should Be On Monthly Base?

    For every document/transastion that does not comply with the legislation in our country there is a penalty by a fine of BGN 500 and above for a first offense. This means I risk, besides the nerves and unpleasant experiences I would have with the tax administration, but also to pay for fines much more money than I would have done for an accountant.

    What benefits do I have from accounting services?

    • I comply with the law and save money and headaches.
    • They consult me on all current and future business related issues.
    • I work calmly and focus on running the business.
    • I get a summary of “business engines” – revenue and costs.

    Do you have a question? Contact us and we will respond shortly.

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