Deregistration of a company under VAT

We perform the entire procedure independently. You don’t worry about anything.

We perform the entire procedure independently. You don’t worry about anything.

Apply for VAT deregistration

After specifying the details, we start work.

Send us a power of attorney

We send a power of attorney, which you provide to the NRA. It is necessary in order to move the procedure in the NRA.

Registration is complete!

We move the documents to the NRA and notify you when the procedure is completed.

VAT deregistration without headaches!

Mandatory VAT deregistration

The grounds for mandatory deregistration are strictly defined in the law and these are:

  • death of the individual;
  • termination of the person (company) according to the Commercial Law.

If any of the listed circumstances occur, there is a reason for mandatory deregistration, and for this purpose it is necessary to start the procedure.

Optional VAT deregistration

The Value Added Tax Act allows for de-registration when the condition that was necessary for the registration to occur ceases. The conditions for mandatory registration are described in Art. 96 of VAT and can be different in nature: on the basis of income, expenses or others.

For example, if a company is registered under VAT because it has realized a taxable turnover of more than BGN 100,000 for 12 consecutive months, deregistration is possible provided that the turnover of this company for 12 consecutive months reaches an amount below BGN 100,000. In this case, a person has a legal basis for deregistration.


I am very satisfied with Anagami’s service. Krasimira works extremely quickly when issuing, editing and canceling invoices. The insurance documents were submitted on time. The consultations Krasimira gives are informative and educational, which helps me a lot in making decisions. I am satisfied with the lawyer. He quickly submitted the financial report. Proxies (Anagami’s invisible services) also work very well.

George Dimitrov, DjiDiDjava Ltd.

It is our pleasure to work with Anagami. Things we like about the job: the responsiveness with which we are served; quick response in processing our documentation; quick and adequate responses, even outside working hours.

Denka & Emil Cholakovi, HV Group Ltd.

Thanks for the services!

It is a pleasure to work with your team, especially Albena and Stoika. The quality is always up to par, and as it should be.

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Quick and timely response. Competence on questions asked and cases that arise. Easy communication. The trust built.

Teodor Boev, Client Guru Ltd.

Satisfied with the services I receive from Anagami. Communication is simple and clear.

Vasya Vankova, AgilityHN Ltd.

The service is great, thank you very much. I am served by Evelina Yotova and Margarita Ivanova, they are very responsive and help me when I don’t understand something.

Milan Rusev, Venture Arena Ltd

I am extremely grateful to the entire Anagami team for the wonderful work, the attitude and most of all for the understanding you show at this difficult time for me. You cannot imagine how much I appreciate and mean to me your support at this time and the attitude I am getting. After all, the accounting service itself can be found anywhere. But attitude and humanity – hardly.

Lyudmila Hristova, LM Trade Group Ltd

We are satisfied with the service we receive for both our companies, we have no complaints – communication is easy, when we need advice and assistance you always respond.

Nikola Indjov, Three Tales Ltd

We can’t help but be pleased! We are so embarrassed that you are not, I don’t know! Thank you for your work and all the effort to put up with us, with all our delays, stupid questions and ignorance.

Thank you 🙏


I am extremely satisfied with the service provided by KAPRED OOD. Service accountants are always ready to help and answer our questions, advise on a topic that is in their field.

Vesela Nikolova, Kapred EOOD

I love Anagami’s service and would definitely like to continue our work together.

Alexandrina Kostova

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We offer comprehensive customer service. We assist with accounting services, payroll services, company registration, tax and legal consulting, etc.

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Questions and answers

This is a procedure for de-registering from the VAT register and removing VAT declaration and accounting obligations, as well as submitting a monthly VAT return.

The term of deregistration is 14 calendar days from the date of submission of the documents.

It is possible in some cases to be finalized even faster.

The documents are prepared entirely by us. They could vary depending on the basis of the procedure and how much and what kind of activity the company had before the start of the procedure.

No, there is no state fee for this procedure.

After successful completion of the deregistration, the companies have no obligation to submit a monthly VAT declaration in which they declare the activity for the relevant month and remain with their main obligations under the Accounting Law. This also ends the obligation to pay VAT to the state budget.

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