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Digital accounting

Welcome to the age of digital accounting!

Imagine accounting made as easy as a click of a finger! Anagami offers a complete accounting process through digitized documentation and software products as a service called “Digital Accounting”.

In this way, every single part of correspondence, internal communication, company documents and commercial documentation is stored, archived, processed and used in everyday life in digital form.

Possible software products

  • Anagami Studio – a great product for freelancers and micro businesses

  • Anagami Pro – expect the first version to appear soon!

  • Software products at the customer’s request – whatever you want, we use it!

With our service, every client gets

  • 1
    Solutions for overall organization of the accounting process.
    We are here to recommend industry best practices to best meet your team and business needs.
  • 2
    Solutions to optimize business processes and their relationship with accounting.
    Accounting processes connect all other business processes into one whole. We’re here to make it easier for your team and reduce redundancies.
  • 3
    Personalized accounting service and consulting.
    Our experts are here to support you at every stage of managing your finances, such as provide personalized advice and solutions.
  • 4
    Accounting specialists and custom teams.
    You can have a personal accountant, why not a whole team! With us it is possible.

With “Digital Accounting” your business management becomes easier, more efficient and last but not least more pleasant! Do not hesitate to join the modern digital revolution and discover the new opportunities that await you!


Digital payroll

Welcome to the era of digital payroll management!

Imagine an intelligent assistant that frees you from the pile of paper documents and the endless hours of manually collecting documents in folders. Enter the world of efficiency and easy payroll management of your employees.

With digital payroll, you experience a complete transition to online payroll management. What does this mean for you? First, you’ll never have to look for lost or damaged paper documents again. Or it turns out that there are documents prepared but not signed. Everything is available in one centralized electronic repository that you can access anytime, anywhere.

Your employees will benefit from a more convenient and transparent way of receiving information. They can access their financial data instantly without waiting for physical copies or visiting your office space.

With digital payroll, you and your employees enter a world of speed, security and convenience. Free yourself from the burden of traditional payroll management and join thousands of people around the world who work this way to be more efficient and feel better. Whether you have employees who work remotely or home office, the service is suitable for everyone in today’s world.

Administration of E-employment file as an external service

The e-labor file is managed by teams responsible for creating and managing labor documentation, signing and archiving documents, managing leave, tracking employee statistics, communicating data on labor law issues. We could provide these teams.

The advantages of outsourcing the management and maintenance of the company’s electronic employee records are as follows:

  • Easy and fast implementation of a software product
  • Expeditious start of work
  • Knowledge of platform capabilities
  • Working with a variety of software products
  • Flexible service provided by specialists
  • Opportunity for rapid growth through our teams
  • You focus on everything important, and we take care of the e-employment file


HR department § E-labor file

Add hours, days or why not another member of your HR team with ease! You may choose to delegate the most tedious tasks to us, or the ones you’re short on time for but not enough work for an entire position. For these cases, it is us. Imagine your HR department flexible and ready to grow, while breaking out of the chaos of paper files to get the tools to effectively manage your staff. You no longer need to worry about needing more team at certain times or part of the year when tasks and paperwork are more than usual. You can compare these periods with us.

The e-labor record is also a wonderful tool for achieving good results with optimal human resources. What does this mean for you? First, you say goodbye to the sea of paper. The system allows you to centralize all labor documents in one place – in one electronic cloud space, accessible at the click of a button.

Second, with the e-labor file, personnel management becomes easier than ever. Vacation, sick, taxes, social security – all electronic and in one system, freeing your team from the drudgery of administration.

The e-employment file provides your employees with a more convenient and accessible way to manage their personal data and career development. They can easily make leave requests, update their information, transmit information, all with just a few clicks. Get started now and join the future of HR management with the e-employment record!

  • E-employment file administration
  • Coordination and participation in the selection process
  • Reporting and analysis of key indicators
  • Opportunity to participate in the management process


Specific reporting

Instead of getting lost in endless tables and figures, you can view the history of your enterprise through clear and intuitive reports. Reporting isn’t just a frozen set of data—it’s like a map to success. Our accounting professionals can not only provide the information, but also format it in a way that helps you see the whole picture of your business.

Reporting enables you to discover hidden trends and important metrics that help you make better decisions about the future of your company. From cost and revenue analysis, to tracking production processes and customer behavior, our reporting tools give you that insight and make the information comprehensible to non-accounting experts. Whether you are an entrepreneur, manager or financial analyst, our reports give you a clear view of the state of your business and help you make the right move forward. We prepare everything according to your needs.

Some of the possible options:

  • Transformation of reports from one accounting standard to another
  • Performance analysis of project teams
  • Cost analysis for project teams
  • Margin analysis by product or service
  • Analysis of similar business models


White Label solutions

White Label solutions – the innovative way for companies to get quality accounting and administrative services under their own brand! But what exactly is this “white label” and why would it be beneficial for your company?

Think of White Label as a boutique service that allows you to add value and uniqueness to your brand without requiring complex investments in internal resources. Instead, you benefit from the experience and expertise of the accounting firm by providing their services as part of yours under your own name and logo.

This is ideal for companies that want to focus on their “core” business proposition without being distracted by administrative requirements. White Label accounting teams and specialists provide you with complete transparency and control over processes, but with the “label” of your brand.

Why choose White Label? Let’s explain it. First, it allows you to build your own brand strength without overwhelming your budget with creating new departments and recruiting. You get expert accounting and administration services while strengthening your business identity.

Second, White Label enables you to accelerate your market expansion and provide new services to your customers without delay. You control prices, packages and terms of service, while benefiting from the availability of an experienced tax and accounting team.

And last but not least, White Label gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition and offer something unique to your customers by extending the scope of your own products and services with added value to your customers.

Contact us and discover how White Label solutions can help you grow and become a leading brand in your industry!

Some of the White label solutions we offer:

  • Operational Accountant
  • Chief Accountant
  • Payroll specialist
  • Payment support
  • Customer support
  • Accounting department/team
  • HR department support
  • Online office assistant


Teams management

Each team should function as a well-tuned mechanism that works harmoniously and efficiently towards the achievement of the common goal – the success of your company.

With the Team Management service, you get more than just administrative support. We provide you with an integrated approach that brings together the talent, motivation and knowledge of each member of your team to create an efficient and inspiring work environment to get the most out of the available potential and optimize the tasks to the performers.

Our team management experts will help you identify the strengths of each of your employees and direct them to the tasks in which they perform best. Also, we will offer you tools and strategies to motivate and develop your team to maintain a high level of engagement and productivity. We believe in creating a collaborative culture where every team member feels valued and important to achieving the common goal.

With our support, you not only strengthen the internal relationships in your team, but also create a stronger and more competitive company.


Back office recruiting

Talent is the key to the success of your “back office” teams! The onboarding process is like discovering hidden treasure – each new team member is a step towards reaching your business potential.

With our back office recruiting service, you not only get help in finding the right people for your teams, but also reveal the company’s potential for growth and new successes. We understand that administration is not just an operational unit, but a strategic asset that can determine a company’s competitiveness and efficiency, as well as its ability to be dynamic.

We offer a personalized approach to recruitment that includes an analysis of your needs, values and organizational culture. We will not only look for candidates with the right skills and experience, but also people who fit your unique work environment and values. We see recruitment as a process of creating teams that are more than just employees – they are partners in your growth.

Start your journey to a stronger and more efficient back office with us, and together let’s find the talent that will help you achieve your next goal.

  • Analysis of the environment and objectives
  • Building a selection strategy
  • Finding the best candidates


Back office teams

We offer outsourced back office teams: efficiency, quality and speed of growth. Your accounting and administrative processes can be in the hands of experts who are here to ensure that your company functions in the best possible way.

Thanks to our many years of experience in building and managing back office teams, we offer a full range of services that allow your company to focus on its core tasks while we take care of the administrative part. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Administrative services
  • Online office assistant
  • HR and personnel management
  • Data input
  • System Administrator
  • And other

With us, you get not only efficient and professional back office teams, but also a partner who understands your needs and works in their favor. So you focus on developing your product or service, and we take care of the administrative details.


Shared Service Centres (SSC)

The Shared Services Centeris an effective solution that aims to relocate, transform and optimize the administrative and support activities of organize. This model involves centralizing key back office functions such as accounting, finance, administration, procurement, human resources, technical support, bringing them together in one center to achieve high performance, speed of growth and reduction of operating costs.

Shared Service Center Building Benefits and Services:

  • Growth rate
  • Operational efficiency
  • Bone efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Strategic focus

  • Quality
  • Transparency
  • Perspective

Creating a Shared Services Center for back office teams is a strategic decision that provides a sustainable advantage in the dynamic business environment, improving operational efficiency and optimizing company resources. It is a modern approach that changes the way companies manage their internal processes, ensuring their competitiveness and success in the market.